The Altindische Grammatik is the monumental Sanskrit grammar by Jacob Wackernagel (1853-1938), after his death continued by Albert Debrunner, published in Göttingen between 1896 and 1957. The work presents a full discussion of Sanskrit phonology and nominal morphology, but a treatment of the verb is lacking. A fourth volume covering the verb was in preparation by Karl Hoffmann but was never published, and to this day (the 2000s), a thorough discussion of the Sanskrit verbal system is lacking.

  • Introduction générale : Nouvelle édition du texte paru en 1896, au tome I, Louis Renou (1957)
  • vol. I: phonology (1896) [1]
    • additions to vol. I, Debrunner (1957)
  • vol. II,1: morphology, nominal composition (1905). [2]
  • vol. II,2: nominal suffixes (1954).
  • vol. III: nominal inflection, numerals, pronouns (1930)
  • index (Richard Hauschild, 1964)

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